Best Sex Positions for Men with Large Penises

Do you have a large penis and find it difficult for your partner to enjoy sex? While there is nothing wrong with having a big package, it can be painful for some. Today, we are going to explore some sex positions that are perfect for those with huge cocks.

Standing Doggy

One of the best sex positions for those with well-endowed penises is standing doggy. This position requires the female partner to keep upright or bend slightly at the waist. Standing doggy is very pleasurable and super-hot!

Vertical Spoon

Another super-hot big cock sex position is vertical spoon. In this position, the man lies on his back and the woman stacks on top of him. While facing the ceiling, insert the penis deeply for maximum pleasure! This allows the male to do clitoral stimulation which can help his partner reach amazing climaxes.


Loved by many, spooning is one of the best sexual positions for large penises. As the woman lies on her side in front of the man, the cock can easily slide in. While holding her hips the male can thrust himself deep inside of her without causing pain. Holding her hips will provide ample control and the thrusting motion will be more fluid.

Reverse Cowgirl

If you are an ass lover, this position is just right for you! This position looks great and gives control to the receiver. Having control over the motion allows the female to enjoy the penis on her own terms. This is the perfect position for any couple looking to have a great time in the bedroom! So make sure you try it out tonight!

Lotus Position

Last but certainly not least, we have the lotus position. While you are engaged, the male should sit upright with his legs in the crossed position. The female should sit on top of the male facing him. She should wrap her legs around his back for deeper penetration. This gives the female more control over depth. The lotus position is amazing for both partners and great for those that are well hung.

These are just a few sex positions that are perfect for guys with big cocks. You no longer have to worry about making an escort or partner uncomfortable. So what are you waiting for, get out there and try some of these positions tonight with one of the beautiful girls from Charlotte Escorts! It just might rock her world!

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